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Fusion #93
Date: January 18, 2020
Location: Melrose Ballroom, New York City, New York
Commentators: Rich Bocchini, AJ Kirsch, Byron Saxton

It’s time for a big one as we wrap up the Opera Cup with a Hart Foundation clash. In a match that is in no way inspired by the European Title Tournament final from 1997 between Davey Boy Smith and Owen Hart, we have Davey Boy Smith Jr. vs. Brian Pillman Jr. Other than that we’re on the road to Fightland which could be an interesting night. Let’s get to it.

The opening video looks at the history of the Opera Cup, which hasn’t been awarded in 71 years. We also see how both Smith and Pillman got to the finals as they’re making this into a big deal.

Opening sequence.

Middleweight Title: El Lindaman vs. Myron Reed

Reed is defending and earlier today, he talked about being like Cassius Clay because no one can control him. Lindaman goes straight with the power by driving Reed into the corner and hitting a Downward Spiral for two. The chinlock goes on before Lindaman goes with the stomps to the back. A Boston crab is loaded up but the rest of Injustice offers a distraction.

Therefore, Lindaman goes with a springboard bulldog but Reed powerbombs him down to take over for the first time. A slingshot legdrop gets two on Lindaman but he’s back up and flip dives onto Injustice. That’s fine with Reed, who hits his own dive…onto Injustice as well. Lindaman hits another dive that breaks the barricade and Reed is in big trouble. A dropkick to the back of the head knocks Reed down for two.

Back up and a quick Stunner sets up a springboard cutter into a reverse sitout gordbuster for two on Lindaman for a change. Reed tries another springboard but gets dropkicked out of the air, setting up something like a standing Iconoclasm for another near fall. That’s enough for Reed, who snaps him throat first across the top. The running cutter into the frog splash (with chest protector) retains Reed’s title at 7:05.

Result: Myron Reed b. El Lindaman – Frog splash (7:05)

Brian Pillman Jr. says he has a bad shoulder injury but he isn’t about to drop out of the Opera Cup. The final isn’t going to be about the Hart Foundation and Pillman is going to show that he belongs in there.

Video on Mance Warner vs. Jimmy Havoc in a barbed wire match next week. Warner is ready to make Havoc bleed.

King Mo wants the winner of the Opera Cup. For now though, he wants Jacob Fatu and the World Title.

We look back at Gino Medina joining the Dynasty in beating down Konnan.

The Dynasty introduce Gino to the Gift Train and give him his official card. Gino talks about Konnan being the former Hulk Hogan of Mexico, which sends Hammerstone into a mini rant about how Konnan has no tan and is the Hogan of nothing. They do a four way Dynasty pinkie swear.

It’s the Fightland Control Center, including Brian Pillman Jr. vs. Jimmy Havoc, Davey Boy Smith Jr. vs. Erick Stevens and the return of LA Park.

Savio Vega vs. Gino Medina

Street fight so the weapons are already in the ring. Vega talks about fighting for Konnan because it’s time for some revenge. The bell rings and Vega starts swinging the kendo stick to put Gino outside early. Gino gets posted and trashcan lidded down but he kicks a chair out of Savio’s hands. A trashcan goes over Savio’s head and Gino kicks it down for two. Some pizza trays to the head get Vega out of trouble but Gino knees him in the back of the head.

A slap to the face wakes Savio up again so he chops Gino down for two. Vega knocks him out to the floor, only to have a chair wrapped around his neck and rammed into the post. That’s only good for two so Savio tries a spinwheel kick but connects with more of an elbow for two instead. Vega knocks a chair away from Gino but here’s the Dynasty for a distraction, setting up a low blow into an enziguri for the pin on Vega at 8:35.

Result: Gino Medina b. Savio Vega – Enziguri (8:35)

We look back at Tom Lawlor jumping the Von Erichs last week.

Davey Boy Smith Jr. talks about how important it is to win the Opera Cup. He is a bit surprised that Pillman made the finals and they are family. For tonight though, it’s all about winning.

The Opera Cup will be back next year.

Injustice has been kicked out of the building.

Opera Cup Finals: Brian Pillman Jr. vs. Davey Boy Smith Jr.

Pillman has a very bad shoulder coming in. After the Big Match Intros, we’re ready to go. Feeling out process to start with Pillman teasing a chop but backing up before he does anything. Pillman’s headlock keeps Smith down for a bit with Smith not being able to roll his way out of escaping. Smith gets up and slams him down, setting up a double arm crank.

This time it’s Pillman getting up and spinning around to crank on the arms as well. Pillman sends him outside for a kick to the chest and a springboard splash crushes Smith again. Smith is back with a whip into the barricade and some chops of his own as the power is becoming too much to maintain. Back in and we hit the chinlock, followed by a suplex and another chinlock.

Pillman has to grab a rope, which isn’t normally how you would get out of something like that. Smith slams him to set up a legdrop, only to miss the top rope legdrop. They trade some near falls but Pillman’s don’t have a ton of energy behind them. Another pinfall reversal sequence gives us more twos so Pillman connects with a low superkick.

Air Pillman connects for two in the first good near fall. Pillman misses the spinning crossbody though and the running powerslam gives Smith his own two. Now the top rope headbutt connects for two and Smith is stunned. A powerbomb gets the same and the Crossface goes on to finally go after Pillman’s arm. Pillman rolls him up for two but can’t break the hold, meaning he has to tap at 17:14.

Result: Davey Boy Smith Jr. b. Brian Pillman Jr. – Crossface (17:14)

Post match Smith celebrates with the cup and hugs Pillman. More celebrating ends the show.

Myron Reed b. El Lindaman – Frog splash
Gino Medina b. Savio Vega – Enziguri
Davey Boy Smith Jr. b. Brian Pillman Jr. – Crossface

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