It’s something. Wrestlers are in a weird place on the celebrity spectrum. They are known for being on television but they are firmly in the bubble of being a wrestler. Save for a small handful of wrestlers, very few ever make it out of that bubble and it can limit their options in the areas of endorsement deals. You’ll see them on occasion, and that is the case again with a bit of an odd combination.

There are a lot of interesting characters in WWE at the moment and one of the most unique is Lacey Evans. Her character is some cross between a 1940s pinup model, a southern belle, a Marine and a mother, which isn’t exactly something you see combined every day. WWE is capitalizing on what they have with her though and that includes a commercial for a bit of a surprising product.

Foster Farms has released a new commercial for their line of corn dogs featuring Evans. The idea of the commercial is that Evans is at home when her daughter comes home hungry, which has turned her into a monster. Evans appears in her ring gear and fights the monster, eventually feeding it a corn dog. The monster then turns into Evans’ daughter, who has appeared on WWE TV before. WWE commentators Vic Joseph and Corey Graves also appear in the commercial.

I think you know what this is going to be. Check out the rather sweet commercial:

Opinion: That’s not bad at all and while it plays into the fact that Evans is a wrestler, it also ties into the fact that Evans is a mother. It’s rather sweet and shows a bit of a different side to Evans, who seems likely to be around WWE for a long time to come. WWE sees something in her and maybe this will give her a little bit of a boost in their eyes. They certainly do love crossover appeal and maybe this will help Evans’ status.

Do you like the commercial? What is your favorite advertisement featuring a wrestler? Let us know in the comments below.

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