Uh…..surprise! One of the big surprises coming out of this Sunday’s “Payback 2017” was Chris Jericho defeating Kevin Owens to regain the US Title. Jericho is ready to be heading out on tour with his band Fozzy so the win came out of nowhere. The question was would Jericho make it out of the next “Smackdown Live” with the title and go on to “Backlash 2017” to face #1 contender AJ Styles.

That would be a definitive no to both questions as Owens regained the title with the Pop Up Powerbomb in the rematch. After defeating Jericho, Owens attacked him again by wrapping a chair around his neck and slamming it into the ring post. This should be the angle that sends Jericho off to his tour while Owens will likely face Styles at “Backlash 2017”.

You can read the full results here.

Opinion: I don’t think anyone was really expecting anything else here and there’s nothing wrong with that. Jericho’s initial win gave “Payback 2017” a much needed shot in the arm and now Jericho can move on to the Fozzy tour while Owens looks like a killer. The match was as good as expected and the post-match angle worked so everything went fine.

Chris Jericho vs. Kevin Owens - United States Championship Match: SmackDown LIVE, May 2, 2017

Will Owens retain against Styles? Who do you want to see Jericho feud with upon his return? Let us know in the comments below.


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