Booing John Cena for over a decade never forced WWE to change anything, so you would think that WWE fans would learn from that, and not make the same mistake twice. However, it doesn’t look like they have.

The thing about Vince McMahon is, he views any reaction as a good reaction. In short, he believes that you are invested in Roman Reigns because you’re reacting to him, even if it’s a negative reaction.

On Sunday’s post-Payback Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer explained why the negative feedback to Roman Reigns being WWE’s top guy will change absolutely nothing.

“Even though Roman Reigns’ brother just died and they booed him outta the building and chanted ‘THANK YOU STROWMAN!’ when he destroyed him, and chanted ‘YOU DESERVE IT!’ at Reigns when he got absolutely destroyed. But, at the same time, the crowd was electric with the pro and negative chants for Roman Reigns more than anybody else on the show. So, for all the people who want to complain about Roman Reigns, it’s like the complaining about Roman Reigns and the reaction to Roman Reigns is backfiring on you people complaining because if somebody else, like Seth Rollins or Samoa Joe, lit the crowd on fire and Roman Reigns didn’t, they’d probably still do the same thing they’re doing, but they would at least give some thought to it. But in this way, they’re just sitting there going ‘we’re completely right.'”

Opinion: If you look at sports today, every top athlete in their respective sport is, at best, a polarizing figure. In the UFC you’ve got Conor McGregor and Ronda Rousey, in the NBA you’ve got Steph Curry and LeBron James, in the NFL you’ve got Tom Brady, all of which aren’t universally loved. In fact, if you talk to most people who aren’t fans of a team like the Golden State Warriors, they’ll probably all tell you that Steph Curry is overrated, and their team’s guy, whoever that may be, is better. But, all of those same people will still watch the Warriors in the NBA Finals because they’re emotionally invested. It’s the same thing with Roman Reigns. If you hate him so much, stop booing during his matches. Do the opposite, and just sit on your hands. In fact, do one better, just get up and leave, because if you want change so bad, that’s what it’ll take. But if you keep reacting, even if it’s a negative reaction, the big push will continue just like it did with John Cena.

Roman Reigns vs. Braun Strowman: WWE Payback 2017 (WWE Network Exclusive)

I’d also like to add that, unlike most men who are in my age group, I’m actually a huge Roman Reigns fan. He’s probably my second favorite wrestler at the moment behind AJ Styles. So, I’m not pushing for people to get up and leave when he’s in the ring. But if you want change, getting up and walking out will probably force WWE to try something new. Who knows? Maybe it’ll force them to turn him heel, which is something that WWE fans have been begging for.


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