WWE is starting to come out of the Coronavirus pandemic and that makes for some interesting situations. Above all else, fans are coming back to the events in less than a month, but they are going to need something to watch. I don’t think I’m breaking any new ground when I say that most of what WWE is doing at the moment wouldn’t work, but what else is there? That is where the cavalry comes into play, and they’re wearing some fetching black and gold.

One of the bigger stories to fly under the radar as of late is a group of NXT wrestlers likely being called up to the main roster. This can make for some of the most interesting moments of the year and now it seems that it is time for the new generation to rise up. I have no idea how that is going to go, but this week we are going to look at some of the names who might be on their way to the main roster.

Note that most of these are names that could work and most of them are not rumored at this time. Also, I’m intentionally leaving off some of the bigger names available. For instance, there won’t be people like Adam Cole, Finn Balor or Ember Moon. They have either been on the main roster before or they are the easiest layups you can have. We’re going for something a bit more interesting here.

Bronson Reed

I’m cheating a bit to start as Reed is one of the names who seems all but destined to be moved up to the main roster. When you add up his appearance on Main Event last week and losing the North American Title this wee, there is very little keeping him in NXT. Reed is the textbook example of someone who was ready for the main roster the second that he debuted in NXT, but then the Tsunami made it even better.

Monsters can monster:

As much as I like Reed in NXT, I get why WWE would want him on the main roster. He is someone who could fit in anywhere, and while I don’t think he is going to have the greatest shelf life, he would be able to start fast and move on from there. Reed has everything that you need to work, though I’m half expecting him to wind up as a bodyguard for someone, which is where someone like him would fit in most of the time. Reed is better than that, but I’m not sure WWE will see it that way.

Karrion Kross w/Scarlett

We’ll get the other pretty obvious one out of the way, as Kross seems like a lock to move up as well. This is another example of someone who was ready to go on the main roster the second that he signed, but becoming a two time NXT Champion gave him some credibility. Kross might be more about the setup than the actual execution, but that is where WWE has a tendency to shine the most.

They debut very well:

Kross and Scarlett are a heck of a package together, though I’m almost scared of the idea that WWE would split them up. This would of course be lunacy, which is why I think WWE might actually try it. They work well together, but above all else, Scarlett without Kross feels like a weird misfire. Hopefully WWE goes with what makes sense here, because Kross is a lot better suited on the main roster than he is in NXT.

Toni Storm

This would also fall under the category of being ready for the main roster right now. Storm has more star power than she knows what to do with and it would make sense to use that star power in a division that is dying for it. The Monday Night Raw women’s division in general needs all the help that it can get and Storm would make quite a lot of sense as an upgrade.

Sometimes you can just feel it in someone:

Zoey Stark vs. Toni Storm: WWE NXT, May 18, 2021

Storm is one of the few wrestlers who feels like she could be the face of the division. The rocker gimmick (especially the little hat) works well and she can back it up in the ring. If she gets to showcase her natural charisma and attitude, she could be a heck of a star in a hurry. I’m not sure how well WWE would go about doing that, but at least she could give the division a spark.

Legado del Fantasma

I know NXT is trying to beef up the cruiserweight division, but how much do you need these three to be down there? Santos Escobar is an excellent lead heel and can cut the promos to back up the in-ring abilities. Throw in a pair of lackeys and this guy is ready to go in all kinds of roles on the main roster. Let the three of them go up there and do their thing because it would be successful.

Three at once:

This is one of those ideas that has always and will always work, at least for a little while. Escobar has a good look and can make the idea work while having a pair of athletic guys to back him up. Would it be that much of a stretch to see a long running Cruiserweight Champion challenging for the US Title while his goons chase the tag Team Titles? It has worked before and it can work well here too.

Cameron Grimes

This isn’t going to be a popular one because Grimes is probably the most entertaining thing in NXT at the moment. He has made everything given to him work very well and it would be nice to see him getting to do that on the main roster. It could be anything from the rich guy to the pest to the fan favorite who shouts TO THE MOON all over the place and just like it worked in front of a small crowd in NXT, it would work in front of the masses.

Let him take you TO THE MOON:

Grimes is the kind of person that the main roster needs because he can bring some energy. The Cave In is a great finisher that could take out anyone and his promos are so over the top that you can’t ignore them. Yes he’s a goofy country guy, but he is someone who could be a great boost to the show. I doubt he ever becomes a top star, but there is nothing wrong with being a long running role player.

Frankie Monet

She has the look, the swagger, the talent, the experience and the resume. Aside from not being Eva Marie or Nia Jax, what more could you need to be a success on the main roster? Monet continues the trend of wrestlers who were ready for the main roster the second that she signed with the company but it isn’t going to hurt to establish her in NXT for a bit first. As long as they don’t waste her down there, everything should be fine.

She started fast:

Franky Monet makes her in-ring debut: WWE NXT, May 25, 2021

Monet (which I really need to stop typing as Money, even if it might be a better name) is one of the best female talents in the world and has wrestled in different parts of the world. She knows what she is doing and can be a star in WWE if she is given the chance. Again, just like some of the other names, there is always the chance that WWE will sabotage her, but one shot might just be enough.

And then, the names who jumped off the page at me the most:

Grizzled Young Veterans

A few years ago, Zack Gibson was at an OTT show in Ireland and I could not understand his promo because the fans were booing him so loudly. You do not get this kind of thing you see these days and that is why he would be a good help to the main roster. Assuming they let him be anything close to himself, Gibson (and James Drake) can be some of the most valuable people on a roster: the wrestlers the fans want to see get beaten up.

It works in any language:

WWE is going back on the road in less than a month and they are going to need someone who can fire the fans up. What better way than to have two loudmouthed British guys who you want to see get beaten up? These guys know how to fire up a crowd and that is the kind of thing that WWE is going to need. The fans are going to come in hot so give them something who can do this better than anyone else right now.

The NXT talent pool is rather deep at the moment and the main roster talent pool could use a boost. I’m not sure if I believe that the NXT wrestlers are the answer to WWE’s problems, Right now we need to see someone new to wake things up a little bit and with the Draft coming up sooner rather than later, this might be the kind of thing that makes the company all the better. WWE has developed a lot of issues, so maybe developmental can get them out of this development.

Thomas Hall has been a wrestling fan for over thirty years and has seen over 50,000 wrestling matches. He has also been a wrestling reviewer since 2009 with over 5,000 full shows covered. You can find his work at kbwrestlingreviews.com, or check out his- Amazon author page with 30 wrestling books.

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