It’s hard to call this one a surprise. As we came into this week’s episode of “Monday Night Raw”, there were a few matches missing from Sunday’s “Great Balls of Fire” card. After tonight’s show though, one of them is officially set, including the Intercontinental Title match as Miz’s opponent was named.

Heath Slater gets a massive opportunity on "Miz TV": Raw, July 3, 2017

As announced on this week’s show, Miz will defend the title against Dean Ambrose in Ambrose’s rematch after losing the title in the first place. These two have been feuding for months now and traded the title since November 2016. Save for a thirty seven day Dolph Ziggler reign, the two of them have held the title since April 4, 2016.

Opinion: Is anyone else completely sick of these two fighting? It feels like they’ve been feuding forever now and that’s rarely a good thing most of the time. At this point it feels like they’re just continuing the feud for the sake of continuing it. Hopefully they move on to a fresh challenger or a fresh feud for Miz should he lose.

Who do you think wins the match? Where should both go after Sunday? Let us know in the comments below.


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