Despite the relationship between Paige and Alberto El Patron reportedly being on the rocks, the couple are still very much together, as evidenced by Paige herself last night during GFW/Impact Wrestling ‘Slammiversary 15.’

According to fans in attendance and reported on by WrestlingInc, Paige was seen at ringside watching ‘Slammiversary 15’ despite being under contract with WWE.

#Slammiversary: Lashley Prepares For The #Slamm15 Main Event

The video above showcases El Patron’s ‘Slammiversary’ opponent Bobby Lashley talking about the match which was due to take place later in the night. We thought this was an interesting choice, as the match between El Patron and Lashley was fantastic.

Paige was spotted by multiple fans in a reserved seat in the front row at ringside for the GFW/Impact Wrestling ‘Slammiversary 15’ pay-per-view. She wore a Dos Caras mask in order to protect her identity.

However, as the fan photos you’ll see in a moment display, her chair is clearly marked with her name, which many wrestling fans are familiar with. As she is still under contract with WWE, they would not have liked her there so it is unknown if Paige will suffer any repercussions from this.

Editor’s Note:

I really feel like WWE are going to have a problem with that…I’m not even sure if Paige cares if they do. I get why she wanted to support Patron, but she could’ve remained backstage and prevented the whole incident.

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