He’s still got it. There are only a handful of wrestlers who are able to be seen as actual draws for WWE. They are wrestlers who draw in more interest and bring money into the company when they are doing something. It is rare to find someone like this and WWE knows to take care of one of them when they come around. Now one is back and the old magic is with him.

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WWE has announced that John Cena will be regularly appearing through the end of October, marking his longest regular run with the company in years. According to WrestleTix on Patreon by way of Wrestlingnews.co, the announcement of Cena’s return has caused ticket sales to rise for upcoming SmackDowns where Cena will be appearing. The following shows saw the following ticket sales in “the few days” after the Cena announcement:

• September 15 – 856 tickets
• September 22 – 1,469 tickets
• October 6 – 1,541 tickets
• October 13 – 622 tickets
• October 20 – 997 tickets
• October 27 – 1,489 tickets

Cena has been doing well since his return. Check out what he has been doing:

Opinion: Obviously you can’t attribute all of those ticket sales to Cena as some might be for someone else or they could be from people who were going to buy tickets anyway, but the Cena announcement is the one constant of those shows. That is nearly 7,000 tickets combined and it makes a lot of sense to attribute a good chunk of them to the Cena announcement. Cena is a legend in his own time and there is a good chance that a lot of people want to see him in some of his probably last appearances.

What does this mean for Cena? What should he be doing during his current WWE run? Let us know in the comments below.

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