Not everyone is a fan. While wrestling would seem to be about the in-ring aspect more than anything else, the ability for a wrestler to speak and get the fans’ attention is one of the most important sides of the business. Not being able to speak well can limit a wrestler’s career, and now we know a bit more about how Vince McMahon was not impressed with some current stars’ speaking abilities.

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During a recent edition of his Wrestling With Freddie podcast, former WWE writer Freddie Prinze Jr. told a story about writing a segment for the Usos. The segment was designed to see how well the Usos could act, but Vince McMahon cut the segment short, saying that the Usos were not good talkers. McMahon also said that he did not think the Usos were big enough, though Prinze continued to ask McMahon to let the segment air. Eventually McMahon let the two have a single line each. Prinze worked for WWE from 2008-2010 but did not say when the segment aired.

They got better. Check out what the Usos have been doing recently:

Opinion: This is one of those things where McMahon’s thoughts back in the day might not be what he thinks now, but my goodness what could have been missed if he had not changed his mind. I’m not sure if Prinze’s insistence made that much of a difference, but at least the Usos were given the chance. They have seemed to do fairly well since then, and their speaking abilities have played a major role in that success.

What do you think of the Usos? Which one is the better talker? Let us know in the comments below.

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