• They’re The Ones: The Usos Become First Team Ever To Reach This WWE Milestone

    Uncharted territory. Titles have been one of the most important parts of WWE history throughout the decades. A title reign helps define its specific era as it gives you a...

    NewsMarch 11, 2023
  • They Are? Major Change On The Usos’ Elimination Chamber Status

    NewsFebruary 14, 2023
  • It’s A Way Out: Speculation Over How WWE Could Solve Tag Team Titles Dilemma

    It’s a family thing. Tag team wrestling has been undergoing a bit of a resurgence in WWE as of late, with more teams being formed and a more competitive division...

    NewsFebruary 6, 2023
  • WRESTLING RUMORS: The Usos Are Likely To Miss Elimination Chamber

    It’s a situation. WWE is an international wrestling promotion which runs events around the world. This has become even more prevalent in recent years and continues to be so to...

    NewsFebruary 5, 2023
  • The Idea: More On WWE’s Plan To Split Up Usos’ Tag Team Titles

    There is a logic there. Titles mean quite a bit in wrestling as they can be quite the status symbol. Holding a title means a lot and can go a...

    NewsJanuary 21, 2023
  • WRESTLING RUMORS: WWE Titles To Be Split Very Soon

    That would be a change. Titles have been a gigantic part of WWE since the company was founded. There are several titles in the company and some of them are...

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  • Out Of Two, One? WWE Teases Separating Some United Titles

    NewsJanuary 10, 2023
  • Put It On The Resume: WWE Team Tops PWI’s Tag Team 100 List

    That’s an honor. There are all kinds of tag teams in the wrestling world today and some of them are among the most successful teams in a long time. It...

    NewsDecember 5, 2022
  • WWE Adds Two Huge Title Matches To Crown Jewel

    Two for the big one. We are on the way to Crown Jewel next week and that means WWE is going to be adding in as many big matches as...

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  • WATCH: Kayla Braxton NAILS IT In Latest WWE Halloween Costume

    The tradition continues. Wrestlers are a lot of things but at the end of the day they are performers. They spend a long time getting to the point where they...

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