You can’t see this either. One of the funnest parts of going to a WWE show is what you’ll get to see that no one else does. While there’s always stuff going on throughout the night that won’t make air, the best possible option for a unique experience is the dark match. You never know what you might get to see but last night, the fans were treated to something kind of special.

Dream match next week to determine Mahal's SummerSlam challenger: SmackDown LIVE, July 25, 2017

According to, last night’s post “Smackdown Live” dark match saw Smackdown World Champion Jinder Mahal face John Cena with the title on the line. Mahal retained the title when the Singh Brothers interfered for the DQ. Cena took out all three of them to end the show with Great Khali NOT appearing.

Opinion: This could be a way to practice Cena vs. Mahal for a potential “Summerslam 2017” match or just a way to give the fans a fun way to end the night. The fact that Great Khali didn’t make an appearance at the show heavily suggests that he won’t be around going forward, which might be better for everyone involved.

Do you think Cena will get the pay per view title shot? How long will Mahal hold the title? Let us know in the comments below.


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