Maybe it wasn’t what it seemed. One of the biggest matches at Sunday’s “Battleground 2017” was Kevin Owens vs. AJ Styles for the United States Title. Owens won the title back from Styles by reversing a Crossface into a rollup for the pin in quite the surprise. It turns out that this might have been a last minute change.

Kevin Owens brings the fight to AJ Styles in a bid for his U.S. Title: WWE Battleground 2017

When the smart money came in for the pay per view matches, Styles became a very heavy favorite to retain the title. According to “Wrestling Observer Radio” by way of, Styles was indeed scheduled to win the match when the show started but the finish seems to have been changed for reasons unknown.

Opinion: The ending did seem a bit confusing as the ref bump that set up the finish didn’t seem to go anywhere. There’s a chance that Styles was supposed to get his shoulder up or something like that with the ending being botched. That would certainly be supported if he got the title back in the near future.

Why do you think the finish was changed? Do you think Styles will get the title back soon?


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