Alberto Del Rio & Paige: Audio From Airport Incident, 'Leave Me The F**k Alone' | TMZ Sports

In a report by the Pro Wrestling Times, it appears that an arrest warrant has been issued for Paige following the airport incident from earlier this month.

The State Attorney’s office for the Ninth Judicial Circuit has reportedly made the final decision on the case with Paige. They are filing the battery charges against Paige in regards to the incident at the Orlando airport also involving Alberto El Patron.

We previously reported that Paige was under investigation and may be charged with battery. The detectives have since sent the information to the State Attorney’s office, where it was deemed necessary for charges to be filed.

A representative for the Orlando Police Department has informed Pro Wrestling Times that they informed the San Antonio Police Department of this who have in response issued a warrant for her arrest. Charges will now officially be brought against her.

They were also told that the investigation with El Patron is not complete. He wrestled in Monterey, Mexico this past weekend. Paige was by his side. It is unknown whether Paige is currently in the United States. Paige’s representatives have yet to respond to this.

As we previously reported, WWE may be forced to fire Paige, who will now likely be suspended indefinitely. If she is convicted of any of these charges, her contract is likely to terminate. That said, Paige herself is a grey area as WWE are helping to produce and promoting a movie by The Rock and his company on the life of Paige.


It is now being reported that this news was false and Paige DOES NOT have a warrant out for her arrest. Rather, she may potentially receive charges, though it is unknown yet how the case will progress.

We sincerely apologize for the incorrect news on our behalf. We always pride ourselves in bringing you news as quickly as possible and most importantly, as accurate as possible. It has been brought to our attention that the website we used is known to produce fake stories and this was one that happened to garner a lot of attention online. We did look for information from Paige and El Patron but unfortunately came up short.

Since this report, Paige has posted to Twitter and without giving specifics confirmed this to be false. Thank you for your understanding.

Editor’s Note:

Woah! Big news! Hopefully Paige and Alberto El Patron have this situation under control soon. If I were to guess, I would estimate Paige turns herself in and has this resolved fairly quickly. That said, if she is charged…that is very bad for her, her career and WWE.

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