With The Great Khali at his side, Jinder Mahal recalls his hard-fought victory: July 23, 2017

In the latest blog to his official website, legendary commentator Jim Ross speaks about Natalya’s victory at ‘Battleground,’ the Punjabi Prison match and the passion of the fans.

On the Flag match between John Cena and Rusev and the Punjabi Prison featuring Jinder Mahal defending the WWE Championship against Randy Orton with a surprise return from The Great Khali.

“Any time two major, main event level  matches have little to no ‘near falls’ included due to the structure of their match i.e. the Punjabi Prison bout and the Flag Match, it’s a risky premise. I’m still not sure that I could pass a quiz on the rules of the Punjabi Prison match which had challenging sight lines for TV through all the bamboo, etc. Those basic challenges can make it hard for the live audience to emotionally invest.”

On the passion of wrestling fans.

“While I admire and respect the passion of ‘rasslin fans, I can only hope that they are as passionate about the more significant things in their lives as they are about show biz athletics. This may be like the ‘pot’ calling the ‘kettle’ black, too, I will readily admit. I’ve been as guilty as most in this department.”

On the result of the United States Championship match between AJ Styles and Kevin Owens.

“Enjoyed the AJ-Owens bout but was expecting a bit more from two of my favorite athletes currently in the business.  The match was far from ‘bad’ but it was lacking a bit of ‘magic,’ for the lack of a better term or description. Nonetheless if I was starting a ‘territory’ I’d love to have them both on any roster that I would comprise.”

Ross would comment on Natalya’s victory in the Fatal-5-Way number one contender’s match involving Lana, Tamina, Charlotte and Becky Lynch. He also spoke here about Charlotte’s talent.

“Surprised that Nattie won the women’s bout but not displeased. Many fans are complaining that Charlotte did not win but that was not a concern for me as its simply a matter of getting more talents, in this case Nattie, better ready for higher profile bookings. Charlotte is ‘ready’ whether she won Sunday night or not but Charlotte needs more, viable opponents going forward and Nattie, for one, can certainly fill that void.”

Ross updates his blogs all the time, so if you’ve yet to check those out, we do suggest you go view them yourself as they contain a lot of interesting details and perspectives from a legend in this business.

Editor’s Note:

Always love writing about Jim Ross. A living legend no doubt. Love the way he thinks and how calm and down to earth he seems!

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