You knew this one was coming. Over the last few months, few names in wrestling have been as controversial as Shane McMahon. He has been all over the television shows for months now and it is very rare to see him actually lose a match. This has become a problem given how many people he has defeated in his big run, and now we know who is next.
This week on SmackDown Live, McMahon accepted a challenge from Kevin Owens for a match at Summerslam. The match has a special stipulation: if Owens loses the match, he will quit wrestling for WWE. At the moment there are no stipulations from McMahon’s side but those could be added later on. Owens defeated McMahon at Hell In A Cell 2017 with help from Sami Zayn.

Maybe this had something to do with it. Check out Owens’ rant against McMahon:

Opinion: You knew this was coming and it wouldn’t surprise me to see a bonus stipulation added, such as McMahon putting up his power or something like that. Owens has looked great in this story so far and they could really make something out of him if he gets rid of McMahon. Then again this story is likely to go on for a few more weeks or months, so the extra stipulation might not come until next time.

How do you see this match going? Who will win? Let us know in the comments below.

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