Out. There have been all kinds of wrestling stories so far this year and most of them have not been positive. While several things have happened, nothing comes close to the lawsuit against Vince McMahon, which alleged sexual misconduct and sex trafficking of a former WWE employee. McMahon has since resigned from his role with the company and now we know a bit more about what happened.

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According to the Hollywood Reporter, Endeavor CEO’s Mark Shapiro and Ari Emanuel suggested that McMahon retire as it would be the best for the TKO group. This was shortly after Slim Jim threatened to pull its advertising from the Royal Rumble, though the advertising did air on the show. McMahon leaving was also seen as a way to protect the company from some future problems. McMahon still owns approximately 10% of the company, though it is not clear if he would try to use any of his influence.

McMahon is gone. Check out some other wrestlers leaving WWE:

Opinion: Given the nature of the accusations against McMahon, there was no way that he could stay. McMahon was already something of a problem for TKO and this was the absolute last straw that led to him having to go. Barring a huge reversal, I cannot imagine McMahon returning to WWE and at the end of the day, that very well may be the best thing possible for WWE and TKO’s future.

Did Endeavor handle this well? Will McMahon ever return to WWE? Let us know in the comments below.

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