It’s on the rise. There are all kinds of issues going on in wrestling, with some of them being rather negative. It can be difficult to find something positive in the industry these days, especially if something is not taking place in front of the camera. That makes things all the better when some good news occurs and that seems to be the case again as we’re getting some good locker room news.

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According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, morale is up in the AEW locker room in recent weeks, with the atmosphere being “the best in some time”. There is no word on what led to the change or any incident that has made things get better. This is said to be in spite of this week’s Dynamite rating, which was described as “universally disappointing” due to the show’s lineup.

It was a good show. Check out what happened this week on Dynamite:

Opinion: That is a good thing to see as a good backstage morale can have a lot of positive effects on how the television product goes. You can feel the extra energy and good vibes that come with the wrestlers being happy and that is the case again with AEW at the moment. It can be difficult to keep such morale up, but if things work out well, it might lead to more positives going forward.

What do you think of the situation? How has AEW been lately? Let us know in the comments below.

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