That’s an awesome goal. There are all kinds of wrestlers throughout and some of them have various other things they focus on in life in addition to wrestling. Every so often, they will try to do something that has nothing to do with their in-ring careers and it can make for a special bonus. A WWE star seems to be trying to do just that and it could be going rather well for her.

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WWE star Nikki Cross has announced that she will be attempting to earn a PhD in history over the course of the next six years. Cross revealed a photo of being accepted into a PhD program on a part time basis at an unnamed university. In the post about the acceptance, Cross said that she will be pursuing her degree while also continuing her career as a professional wrestler.

She’s talented elsewhere. Check out Cross’ time in the ring:

Opinion: Good for Cross! This is one of the few things that almost no one in wrestling makes an effort to do and it is awesome to see her trying to make something like this happen. At the end of the day, a PhD is quite the accomplishment and something that few are going to be able to pull off. Doing it at the same time as a wrestler makes it all the more impressive and Cross deserves praise for trying to pull this of.

What do you think of Cross’ efforts? How should she be used in WWE? Let us know in the comments below.

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