Long live the King! Again! This week’s “Monday Night Raw” saw a surprise title change as Akira Tozawa defeated Neville to become the Cruiserweight Champion. It was Neville’s first pinfall loss in a singles match in nearly a year but the question became could Tozawa do it again as the rematch was set for “Summerslam 2017”.

On the Kickoff Show, Neville defeated Tozawa to become the first two time champion. Tozawa’s top rope backsplash hit knees and Neville dropped the Red Arrow for the pin and the title. This was their third match with Neville now winning the first and the third. Tozawa’s loss makes him the shortest reigning champion of the modern era.

Here’s what Neville had to say after winning the title back.

Neville responds to critics who deny his WWE Cruiserweight Title pedigree: Exclusive, Aug. 20, 2017

Opinion: If you can figure out the logic here, you’re smarter than me. Was it really just to say that another title change took place on the show? Or before the show in this case? I really didn’t need to see Neville getting the title back here, especially if Tozawa gets it back in another match. It wasn’t even much of a match and feels like it really was there just for the sake of a title change.

Do you like Neville getting the title back? Who do you think takes it from him? Let us know in the comments below.


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