205 Live
Date: May 15, 2020
Location: WWE Performance Center, Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Corey Graves, Byron Saxton

After those weeks of not having this as the least interesting show WWE offers, it’s back to the same formula that turned the show into a joke. This week is back to the two matches with little story to them and telling us to watch NXT if we want the cruiserweight matches that actually matter. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

Tyler Breeze vs. Tehuti Miles

Miles looks impressed with his own looks and throws a towel at Breeze to start. A spinebuster cuts Miles down so he heads to the ropes, where the referee has to pull him off. That lets Miles get in a shot to the face and he poses a bit while Breeze staggers around on the floor. Back in and the slow stomping ensues, followed by the chinlock. Breeze fights up and hits a quick Supermodel Kick for two but Miles hits a spinning Dominator for the same. Miles loads up a neckbreaker but Breeze reverses into the Unprettier for the pin at 6:00.

Result: Tyler Breeze b. Tehuti Miles – Unprettier (6:00)

It’s a pretty battle:

We look at the ten man tag from two months ago, with Jack Gallagher causing Tony Nese to be interrupted. Nese attacked him a few weeks ago and then jumped Isaiah Scott in the Cruiserweight Title tournament, allowing Gallagher to win.

Tony Nese vs. Jack Gallagher

Feeling out process to start with Gallagher working on the arm but getting taken down into a leglock. Gallagher gets up and kicks him outside but Nese comes right back in to knock him down. The chinlock goes on, followed by a headlock to keep Gallagher in trouble. Nese switches to the bodyscissors and then a Boston crab, with Gallagher fighting up without much damage done.

They head outside with Gallagher sending him into the barricade for two back inside. The slugout it on until Nese snaps him throat first across the top. A Lionsault gets two and the Sunset Driver connects for the same. The Running Nese is countered with a headbutt and Gallagher’s sunset flip gets two. Nese can’t hit a pumphandle slam so Gallagher nails the rolling elbow for the pin at 8:38.

Result: Jack Gallagher b. Tony Nese – Rolling elbow (8:38)

Another chapter in the feud:

Post match Gallagher says this isn’t over.

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