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AEW Dark
Date: October 22, 2019
Location: Liacouras Arena, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Commentators: Excalibur, Taz
Host: Tony Schiavone

It’s time for another week of dark matches on Dark, because the show’s title is as appropriate as you can get. One thing that has surprised me is how big these matches have felt. Normally a dark match is going to be about five minutes long and nothing worth seeing. Last week’s main event was 25 minutes and pay per view quality, which was WAY more than I would have bet on. It’s always nice to get a surprise like that and I was rather pleased. Let’s get to it.

Tony welcomes us to the show and runs down the card.

Brandon Cutler vs. Joey Janela

Joey soaks in some cheers to start as guest commentator Taz is getting right back into the analysis here. A headlock takeover brings Janela down so Cutler reverses into a handstand, which Cutler breaks up in a hurry. Janela shoulders him down and goes to the corner to pose, allowing Cutler to kick him in the head.

The chinlock goes on for all of a few moments before it’s time to strike it out again. Cutler’s DDT gets two and the fans are behind Janela in a hurry. A hard clothesline drops Cutler to the floor and there’s the suicide dive, followed by a dive off the steps. Back in and Cutler’s springboard is broken up, allowing Janela to hit a super brainbuster (looked more superplexish) for the pin at 8:32.

Result: Joey Janela b. Brandon Cutler – Super brainbuster (8:32)

We get a sitdown interview with QT Marshall, a former wrestler who works backstage now as a producer. Cody hypes him up and Marshall talks about how he made it to Ring of Honor but was treated like nothing there. Then he had neck surgery and shifted to a backstage role. Now he does a little bit of everything around here.

Leva Bates vs. Nyla Rose

The shhhing makes its Dark debut. Peter Avalon mocks the Philadelphia Phillies and Bates isn’t sure if this is the best course of action. Bates knocks her into the corner to start and a DDT gets one. That’s enough for Rose, who snaps off a powerbomb for a knockdown of her own. A kick to the face rocks Rose but she’s fine enough to hit a Death Valley Driver. Avalon offers a distraction though, only to have Rose knock Bates away from a rollup attempt. Rose throws Bates onto Avalon and then swings her into the steps for a bonus. The sitout powerbomb finishes Bates at 3:42.

Result: Nyla Rose b. Leva Bates – Beast Bomb (3:42)

We run down tomorrow’s Dynamite card.

Video on the Dark Order.

We look back at Scorpio Sky jumping in to replace the attacked Christopher Daniels in the Tag Team Tournament.

SCU isn’t happy but they’re ready to face the Dark Order in the semifinals. They’re coming for the Lucha Bros too.

A bloody Pac swears vengeance on Jon Moxley.

TV ads.

We recap Darby Allin vs. Chris Jericho from Dynamite.

Strong Hearts/Private Party vs. Young Bucks/Dustin Rhodes/Cody

Cima and T-Hawk can’t get past Private Party’s velvet ropes until Private Party makes their entrance for a funny bit. MJF and Brandi are here with Cody and company. Cima and Cody start things off with Cima rolling him up for two so Cody bails to the floor for a breather and a kiss.

Back in and Cima gets in a shot to the face, drawing in all eight for the staredown. Things settle down and it’s Dustin coming in to face T-Hawk with a chop sending Dustin into the corner. Back up and Dustin hits some shoulders and a clothesline before the Bucks come in for an assisted kick to the chest. T-Hawk is right back with a sitout spinebuster to Nick, only to have Matt grab his face. Cody tries to make a save and gets chopped so hard that it hurts T-Hawk’s hand.

Private Party remembers that they’re in the match and comes in to stomp Matt in the head, allowing Cima to come back in for a freaky looking hold on Matt’s…..legs? Maybe? Private Party knocks Cody and company off the apron but Matt is back with the rolling northern lights suplexes to send Quen into the corner. It’s back to Nick to start striking away, including the stomps from the apron to everyone on the floor. Well all of the members of the opposing team that is as he didn’t stomp his partners or the fans.

The slingshot X Factor drops Quen and the moonsault to the floor takes down the Strong Hearts for a bonus. Back in and Nick gets caught with Gin and Juice to set up Cima’s Meteora for a fast two. Cima chops T-Hawk by mistake though and gets superkicked for his efforts, allowing the hot tag to Dustin. The snap powerslams abound but hang on because Dustin needs to catch his breath before hitting one more on Kassidy.

Cody dives off the top onto Cima but Private Party hits their stereo flip dives. The Bucks do the same but Brandi hits a flip dive off the apron to take everyone down. MJF even teases his own dive but instead runs the ropes and makes a rather rude gesture to the fans. Back in and we get the big showdown between the Bucks and Private Party. The Superkick Party is on to put Private Party back on the floor, but they come back in….and get quadruple superkicked. A four way Shattered Dreams sets up the Final Reckoning to finish T-Hawk at 15:03.

Result: Cody/Dustin Rhodes/Young Bucks b. Private Party/Strong Hearts – Final Reckoning to T-Hawk (15:03)

Tony wraps it up.

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