Maria Kanellis-Bennett

  • Former Stars May Be Returning To Impact Wrestling

    Welcome home. The wrestling landscape has been shaken up in a lot of ways in recent weeks and there is nothing to suggest that the changes are going to be...

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  • VIDEO: Former WWE Star Makes Ring Of Honor Return

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  • ‘Smackdown Live’ Superstars Mike and Maria Kanellis Are Now Officially Parents

    ‘Smackdown Live‘ Superstars Mike and Maria Kanellis have officially welcomed a beautiful daughter into the world, according to If the power of love on ‘Smackdown Live’ wasn’t intoxicating enough...

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  • Mike Bennett and Maria Kanellis to Debut on WWE TV This Week

    Welcome back….whoever you are. WWE is known for collecting talent like almost no one else has ever seen with nearly every major talent outside of Japan either showing up in...

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  • Rumor: Former Impact Wrestling Stars Are Heading to WWE

    There’s always room for more. The Superstar Shakeup has changed a lot of things and put some fresh talent on both brands. However, there’s always room for a bit more...

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  • KB’s Review: Exodus Stage Left

    So TNA is under new management (again) and this time it’s a big deal. Basically Jeff Jarrett is running things again and he’s bringing in his own team to help...

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  • It’s Time For Another On-Screen Wrestling Wedding

    Speak now or forever hold your peace. If you haven’t been watching “Impact Wrestling” as of late, you’ve been missing one of the more intriguing stories they’ve put together in...

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