Heath Slater

  • An Infamous WWE Stable Had A Very Different Original Plan

    It isn’t how he drew it up. Stables have been a constant factor in wrestling for a very long time, with some of the most famous names in wrestling history...

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  • EIGHT Big Names Return/Debut At Slammiversary

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  • RUMOR: What Led To Heath Slater’s WWE Return

    He did what he said. Like any other wrestling company, WWE’s roster is going to change at a fairly rapid rate. At one point or another, someone is going to...

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  • VIDEO: Released WWE Star Returns To Monday Night Raw

    Nice to see you again. Back in April, WWE released more than two dozen wrestlers from their roster. That is the kind of thing that you don’t get to see...

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  • AEW Not Signing Recently Released WWE Star

    Not everyone can make it. Earlier this month, several wrestlers were let go from WWE out of nowhere. It was one of the biggest talent changes in the history of...

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  • UPDATE: WWE Releases TEN Wrestlers From Contracts

    The first of many? There is only so much room on the WWE roster and that has become more and more clear every single week. At the end of the...

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  • (VIDEO): What An Odd Pairing. Heath Slater And Mariah Carey Chat On Twitter.

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  • Will WWE Build on ‘TLC’s Momentum and Reignite ‘Monday Night Raw’?

    WWE TLC is in the books and fans are still buzzing over the results. Vince McMahon’s company needed a big night and more importantly, the company needed to deliver. Dissatisfaction...

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  • Watch: Superstars Play Catch Phrase on ‘WWE Game Night’

    WWE uploaded to their official YouTube channel the latest episode of ‘WWE Game Night’ where superstars participated Catch Phrase tournament, featuring three rounds in total. If you’ve never heard of...

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  • Watch: Superstars Play ‘Pie Face Showdown’ on Game Night

    WWE uploaded the latest edition of Game Night to their official YouTube channel, with the game today being ‘Pie Face Showdown,’ where several superstars compete in a mini-tournament. The tournament...

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