Finn Bálor vs. Elias Samson - No Disqualification Match: Raw, July 24, 2017

The official WWE website has updated the superstar page for ‘Raw‘ superstar Elias Samson with his new name, effective immediately.

The name change, effective immediately follows his victory against Finn Balor this past week on ‘Raw’ in a No Disqualification match where Bray Wyatt interfered and hit Balor with a Sister Abigail which led to a pin by Samson.

Moving forward, Samson will simply be known as ‘Elias.’ This is the latest name change WWE have made on NXT superstars who have came to the Main Roster. Some other examples of this include the shortening of Adrian Neville to ‘Neville,’ Big E Langston to ‘Big E’ and so on.

The bio for Elias on the official website has also changed to reflect this. It now reads as:

“Aside from his trusty six-string, Elias doesn’t seem like the type of guy that cares about earthly possessions, or even about having a place to call home.

The brawling balladeer debuted in NXT in late 2015 after a series of musical vignettes foretold of his arrival to town. With bruising antics and strength to spare, Elias made an immediate mark inside the yellow ropes, despite the vocal disapproval of the NXT Universe. It was time for the strummer to roam elsewhere, however, after he came up short in a Loser Leaves NXT Match against Kassius Ohno in March 2017.

Following his dismissal from NXT, Elias sauntered onto Raw, strolling through the locker room one week and onstage the next, always strumming his faithful guitar.”

It is speculated that Balor will be moving on to face Wyatt in a ‘SummerSlam’ feud so it is unknown at this time whether Elias will be involved in any major feuds for the time being. However, a name change can be indicative of a potential push or plans.

Editor’s Note:

I have always been a fan of Elias. I don’t mind the name change, but I feel like at the time of writing this I prefer his full name to the one he will continue to go by.

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