• Here’s One Of The First Storylines Triple H Dropped When He Regained Power In WWE

    He wasn’t a fan. There are all kinds of characters in wrestling and some of them are a lot more successful than others. Finding the right character for the right...

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  • WWE Confirms Return Of Missing Superstar

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  • WWE Plans To Bring Back Former Character To Replace Injured Star

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  • It’s Worth A Shot: WWE Has Surprising Plans For Returning Character

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  • WWE Made A Match, Upgraded The Match And Didn’t Air The Match

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  • Him Again? WWE Announces Surprise Return For Next Week’s Monday Night Raw

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  • WWE Star Returns On Monday Night Raw…..Kind Of

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  • Elias Possibly Returning To WWE TV Under New Gimmick

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  • WRESTLING RUMORS: Why WWE Star Has Been Missing From TV

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  • WRESTLING RUMORS: Elias Was Almost Brought Back Like Randy Savage

    That could be a different way to go. The right character can be everything for a wrestler, but the wrong one can be much worse. If something doesn’t click, it...

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