• Several Former WWE Stars Will Become Free Agents This Week

    Let the bidding begin. Earlier this year, WWE released several talents due to budget cuts and the merger of WWE & UFC under one heading, TKO. These superstars will become...

    NewsDecember 11, 2023
  • BREAKING: WWE Releases Nine Wrestlers, Including Former World Champion

    NewsSeptember 21, 2023
  • WRESTLING RUMORS: Major Update On Status Of Missing WWE Superstar

    So kind of? Every so often, a wrestler will be rolling along on WWE TV but then drop off the radar in a hurry. It might be due to the...

    NewsSeptember 15, 2023
  • Here’s One Of The First Storylines Triple H Dropped When He Regained Power In WWE

    He wasn’t a fan. There are all kinds of characters in wrestling and some of them are a lot more successful than others. Finding the right character for the right...

    NewsOctober 16, 2022
  • WWE Confirms Return Of Missing Superstar

    Another homecoming. There have been several changes to WWE’s roster in recent months and they moves continue all over the company. Wrestlers have been coming and going from one roster...

    NewsOctober 11, 2022
  • WWE Plans To Bring Back Former Character To Replace Injured Star

    Change it up. There are a lot of characters in WWE and sometimes you need to do something different to keep things interesting. That is not always the easiest thing...

    NewsSeptember 17, 2022
  • It’s Worth A Shot: WWE Has Surprising Plans For Returning Character

    NewsJuly 12, 2022
  • WWE Made A Match, Upgraded The Match And Didn’t Air The Match

    They changed their minds. There are a lot of issues with WWE at the moment and one of them is their inability to present the matches and segments that they...

    NewsJune 28, 2022
  • Him Again? WWE Announces Surprise Return For Next Week’s Monday Night Raw

    Welcome back to WWE. There are all kinds of ways to present a wrestler and some of them are a little more ridiculous than others. One of the best things...

    NewsJune 13, 2022
  • WWE Star Returns On Monday Night Raw…..Kind Of

    Don’t I know you? There are a lot of ways to introduce a wrestler and some of them are more interesting than others. One of the problems is that there...

    NewsApril 5, 2022