Big Show vs. Big Cass: Raw, July 31, 2017

WrestlingInc, via a report on the Wrestling Observer Newsletter explains the reasons behind the nuclear heat Enzo Amore has backstage with WWE.

There has reportedly been a lot of heat backstage in WWE on Amore for numerous reasons. The latest reason appears to be that he was overheard talking with someone on the phone saying things perceived to be negative of the wrestling industry and bragging about the money he has earned while in WWE. This is rather hypocritical of Amore, based on comments he made during his ‘My First Job’ video.

The job that inspired Enzo Amore to become a WWE Superstar: WWE My First Job

We have additional commentary on this video here.

On the most recent edition of Bring It To The Table available on the WWE Network that followed ‘Raw’ this past week, Amore was a topic of discussion. The usual panel spoke on the heat Amore reportedly has. This causes Corey Graves to explain that he personally doesn’t like Amore, though was reluctant to admit it. Graves explains that Amore is the same character on and off screen, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. That can rub people the wrong way. Despite this, Graves and JBL explained that Amore is very valuable to the company and should be on 205 Live with Kalisto. This would for them be a promotion (as opposed to a demotion) as it was for Neville, who is one of the biggest heels in the company right now.

Last month we reported that Amore had backstage heat and was kicked off the tour bus by Roman Reigns. We will keep you up to date as the relationship between Amore and WWE develops. Stay tuned to Wrestling Rumors for more.

Editor’s Note:

I really do like Enzo, so my hope is that he gets his act together and realizes he has a job to do. I want him to succeed in some capacity in the company. We can always hope.

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