Eva Marie isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Many grew to love her on ‘Total Divas’ and in the company over the years, but it is very accurate to say she had many doubters who she had yet to prove wrong. Just as she had the chance, she was suspended from the company due to the wellness policy, leading her to pursue other options as she felt the suspension was unjustified.

Eva Marie spoke to TooFab to promote the new movie she is to star in, speaking about her transition to Hollywood, possibly going back to WWE and how The Rock has helped her career.

Inconceivable (2017 Movie) – Official Trailer - Nicolas Cage, Gina Gershon, Nicky Whelan

Marie will be starring in the upcoming thriller titled ‘Inconceivable’ which also stars Nicolas Cage, Gina Gershon and Nicky Whelan. She has always wanted to follow a similar career path to The Rock, and is able to do that, working now alongside the same team as him. The video above is a trailer for the movie and we highly recommend you watch.

Marie first talks about her decision to act, explaining that it fell into place when she was able to meet with The Rock’s agent, which is something her and her husband wanted to do from the very beginning.

“It’s always been something I was definitely interested in and the opportunity came about at the perfect time. Luckily, for me, when I started WWE, my husband and I were like, if I can get in front of The Rock’s agent and manager, that would be a dream. He’s made the transition from WWE into Hollywood so fantastically. He is the guy right now.”

“A year later, it just so happens that it fell into place and I ended up having a meeting with his agent, then his manager, then I talked with Dwayne for an hour and everybody signed off on me and I signed with his exact team. I was with the right people so I could go in and audition for this film. I read the script, I went into the audition and ended up meeting with the producer, the director and it all worked out and now we’re here.”

She was asked next about her relationship with The Rock, to which she explained he has provided her with advice to help her learn and grow.

“Yes, he’s awesome. I literally couldn’t ask for a better mentor. He’s done exactly what I’m trying to do, he gets it. Going into an audition or putting yourself on tape, it’s not the easiest thing to do especially because an audition is usually a camera and one person and then you have to bring to life this character. His advice to me is do the work, always put 110% effort into whatever it is that I’m doing, especially when it comes to these auditions and bringing these characters to life.”

“And then, be yourself when you walk into the room, never change. Leave it all in there. Once you’re done, walk out and you’re onto the next. That’s what I’ve really tried to carry throughout the process of going in for auditions, and not taking anything too personal because there’s so many factors that come into people getting roles, whether it’s not the right look or doesn’t have the right accent or wrong color hair. The list goes on, so you gotta take it lightly and move on.”

Next, Marie spoke of her hair color and how it has changed from the classic red fans of wrestling had familiarized themselves with over the years as Marie has competed in WWE. She mentions it wasn’t until she got the role that she made the full switch to black hair.

“I went in for my first initial audition with red hair and the director of the movie couldn’t really see past the red hair and I don’t blame him, it’s a pretty crazy color that I had. The moment I walked into any room, it’s more so my hair walked into the room.”

“So for my second audition, I’m really lucky and fortunate because one of my best friends created the red color and does my hair. Before I went in for my second audition, Jose came over and he did a wonderful magic and transitioned my red to black. I went in for my second audition with black hair and halfway through the meeting I mentioned my hair was still red, and everybody was mind blown. Luckily, I got the role and that’s when we went in and say bye bye to all red everything and hello to the black.”

Marie mentions that it is rather surreal to be in such a situation as she is in.

“I think pure, like, I can’t believe this is really happening. But also a little out of body experience because I’m on set with tremendous actors. They’re Academy Award winners, Faye Dunaway, Nicolas Cage, getting to work with Gina Gershon and Nicky Whelan. This is my first film and I’m amongst major superstars. It was a crazy, surreal feeling because not only am I so grateful, but then also I’m like, dude I better step up and bring my A game on set because all these guys are elevating my performance because they’re such amazing actors and actresses.”

She gives credit to WWE for helping her learn to be comfortable in front of an audience. She explains that this experience has showed her she can do anything she puts her mind to as this wasn’t what she was used to.

“That I really can do anything I put my mind to. It definitely was a whole other avenue for me. Being with WWE and the reality show, it was a great experience in a sense of being comfortable in front of a camera and a live audience. WWE is like, you can’t really get a bigger production as far as traveling wise and what they do on a day to day basis. So I really feel like that helped me become comfortable with it.”

“When I was on set with everybody, it wasn’t too too far off of something I have experienced before with cameramen, being told where to stand or your cues, so I feel like that really really helped me sink in and become truly my character as time went on. I’m proud of this film, I think it’s awesome, I’m very fortunate to be a part of it, especially being my first one. I feel like I stepped into the game.”

Marie is asked about her favorite Nicolas Cage moment, to which she explains that it would be meeting Cage and facetiming Cage’s son, both of whom are WWE fans.

“For me, I was so excited to meet him because I’m a huge fan. He’s a fantastic actor. When I saw him, he’s a huge WWE fan and so is his son. So a cool cool moment for me was is that, on set, he Facetimed his son and I spoke to his son because he could not believe that Eva Marie from WWE was in a film with his dad. To me, that was like, are you kidding me? I had to call my brothers and tell them because that doesn’t happen everyday.”

She explains that acting is the direction she hopes to continue moving forward.

“Absolutely. It’s something I’m so excited about, it’s awesome, you’re able to expand and become different characters and really dive into different types of roles. I have another film coming out called “Action No. 1,” which ironically, is about Nicolas Cage. He really got the “Action No. 1” comic book stole from his house and that’s what this movie is about. I play a bounty hunter he hires to find his comic book. It’s definitely a way different character than “Inconceivable,” but that’s the goal, to keep on going out and finding projects that not only I love but works out on both ends.”

She says she would be open to a return to WWE in the future and would be more than happy to take one of the Women’s titles away from the Champions.

“Oh my goodness, for sure. WWE, for me, is where it all started. You never know, I could show up on a Monday Night Raw, I could come down to SmackDown Live and snatch that title real quick. Never leave me out, you never know what’s creeping around the corner, if you know what I mean.”

Finally, Marie explains she could appear in the future on ‘Total Divas,’ just likely not as a cast member after she was removed for this upcoming season.

“You never know. It’s definitely a possibility. I love that show and I think everybody needs a little bit of Natalie Eva Marie in their life, so why not spread it everywhere.”

Editor’s Note:

I actually liked Eva in her latter days on NXT and ‘Smackdown Live’ for the brief period of time she appeared on it for. It is a shame she never came back to prove her worth to the company. She’ll have doubters for years to come. That said, I bet many people will be interested in a film that looks as intriguing as Inconceivable does. Can’t wait to watch!

Are you going to watch Inconceivable? What are your thoughts on Eva Marie? Let us know in the comments below or over on our Facebook page or Twitter account. Additionally, you can find me on Twitter at @SOSNH1995.


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