WWE superstar Titus O’Neil has been invited to give a TED Talk at the TEDxUCLA conference on May 20. He recently spoke with the “For The Win” section of USA Today to talk about his appearance, and a number of other topics.

O’Neil will be using his real name, Thaddeus Bullard, and will be talking about the “domino effect of advocacy.” What exactly does that mean?

“It’s based on whether someone wants to be the positive domino in someone else’s life,” Bullard recently told For The Win. “It’s going to be taking my real life story and placing some of the advocates within my life and how it changed my way of thinking, my mode of operation as well as my ability to see things from a different perspective. …

“I want to illustrate how my life has gone, why it’s gone in the direction it’s gone, where it started, how it arrived at this point and how that process can be echoed by people from all around the world and all walks of life regardless of race or gender or nationality or sexual orientation or religion.”

Titus O'Neil: 'Take Time to Be a Dad Today'

Despite the fact that he is a celebrity, the reaction to his talk has not been positive due to the field that he is in.

“Reaction to me possibly doing this was not as well received because of the field that I’m in,” he said. “It comes with certain stereotypes being in WWE. Over a period of time and them monitoring the product of WWE, but also what I do individually both inside and outside of WWE, they felt like maybe we can give this a try.”

However, O’Neil is confident that he will be able to connect with people in a different way, and empower them to be successful in whatever they want to in their lives.

“I hope people leave there with a greater understanding of how powerful they can be regardless of the field they are in or what platform they have,” Bullard said. “We all have the ability to positively change the culture and the environment and the communities we live in.”

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