While ROH were in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for Steel City Excellence, a brawl in the locker room broke out. We now have information from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter on what exactly happened.

A number of wrestlers took to Twitter to reference a locker room fight, though nobody seemed to make it clear just who was involved. You can see a few of those featured in the tweet below:

According to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, it was actually an extra in the locker room who sat down in Christopher Daniels’ chair without permission.

The extra was asked to move, refused and talked back to others. This led to an argument between the extra and Flip Gordon, who was around the locker room at the time.

Gordon has experience with MMA, and that could certainly be seen in the way he reportedly conducted himself. A fight broke out, as Gordon took down the extra very quickly.

Was anyone hurt?

Nobody was injured during the brawl. Well… everybody but Cody [Rhodes’] Chiptole, as he tweets about after the fact:

After the impressive effort Gordon put up, Rhodes took to Twitter (in a now deleted tweet) to announce that he was considering Gordon for All In.

If you’re not familiar with Gordon, check out the clip of him in action below.

Future of Honor: Coast 2 Coast & Flip Gordon vs The Tempura Boyz & Cheeseburger

Let us have a moment of silence for the Chiptole.

What are your thoughts hearing of this fight? Did you expect to ever hear news of this nature again, given the state of the industry?

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