WWE have now confirmed via their official website and YouTube channel what the first team will be for ‘Raw’ heading into the ‘WWE Mixed Match Challenge.’

As confirmed by WWE, WWE Raw Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss will be aligned with ‘The Monster Among Men,’ Braun Strowman for the challenge.

WWE.com had the following to say about the pairing:

“In the relatively short time since she was drafted from NXT in 2016, Bliss has battled her way through both the Raw and SmackDown LIVE rosters to capture four Women’s Championships. Without a doubt, she will do anything to win. Strowman — quite simply — takes no prisoners. He’s a mountain of pure annihilation whose only desire seems to be to secure his own dominance by destroying anyone or anything that gets in his path.”

Here is the hilarious video where you can see the chemistry between the two performers start to shine as Bliss finds out Strowman is her partner.

Kurt Angle pairs Alexa Bliss and Braun Strowman for WWE Mixed Match Challenge

Despite Strowman’s dominant figure and huge advantage in height, Bliss explained that she isn’t scared of him and if he listens to her, they’ll be the Champions.

Below is a video featuring the two competitors discussing their partnership for the ‘Mixed Match Challenge’ with Renee Young, who also asks about Nia Jax, Jax had been petitioning for her and Strowman to be a team.

Strowman and Bliss aim to be heads and shoulders above the rest in WWE Mixed Match Challenge

The competitors will participate in the tournament to win $100, 000 for the ‘Raw’ team’s charity. The tournament begins on January 16 at 10 ET/7 PT and is available exclusively on Facebook Watch.

Do you believe Bliss and Strowman can win the challenge? What pairs do you want to see?

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