Charlotte was called out on Twitter by Unified GFW Knockouts champion Sienna for gimmick infringement, to which Charlotte would respond.

If you’ve never seen Sienna perform, we recommend watching the video below to get an idea for her style. She is one of the biggest Knockouts GFW currently has. In late April 2016, Sienna made her debut for Impact Wrestling, as it was known back than. Since than she has become a two time Champion.

Allie vs. Sienna: All Eyes on The Knockouts | IMPACT Jan. 5th, 2017

Sienna would take to her Twitter account yesterday to show side by side photos of herself and Charlotte. She called the ‘Smackdown Live‘ superstar out for mimmicking her with her use of make-up, feathers and most recently, the pinky finger pose.

This would ultimately lead to Charlotte responding via another tweet, without directly  mentioning Sienna’s account. The tweet showcases her father from his days in the Mid-Atlantic.

According to Pro Wrestling Sheet, Charlotte has been wearing feathers since ‘WrestleMania 33‘ and using the ‘sipping tea’ and pinky finger references since her and real-life best friend Becky Lynch started teaming on ‘Smackdown Live.’

Finally, Sienna would again respond to a fan noticing the tweet Charlotte made. She is likely referencing the fact that WWE might not be too keen on their talent interacting with talent from other promotions.

If any more information does come out on this situation, Wrestling Rumors will bring it to you here. However, it does seem that this altercation has now been resolved.

Editor’s Note:

I don’t mind Sienna, but I am a big Charlotte fan. Both women should need not worry. They have very different vibes to them in my eyes. While I’ve noticed similarities between the two, they are very much apart.

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