• Surprise? Two Major WWE Names In France Before Backlash, Currently Unannounced For Show

    Special guest stars? WWE has been making an effort to expand its international offerings in recent months, including this coming weekend’s Backlash in France. This will be company’s first premium...

    NewsMay 3, 2024
  • WATCH: Charlotte Shares Video Of Her Training During Recovery From Knee Surgery

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  • It Was Different: Original Plans On Two WrestleMania Matches Before An Injury Shook Things Up

    What could have been. We are at WrestleMania season and that means it is time for the big culmination of a bunch of stories. Some of these things have been...

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  • A Rocky One: Becky Lynch Opens Up On Her Relationship With Charlotte

    It could be worse. There are all kinds of wrestlers on any given company’s roster and many of them have to work together. Occasionally that can go better with some...

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  • WATCH: Charlotte Appears At CMLL Show, Kisses Andrade El Idolo

    Ignoring the pain. A wrestler can face all kids of issues, both in and out of the ring. You never know when someone is going to be put out of...

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  • More Details On Charlotte’s Knee Injury, Even Worse Than Expected

    That is worse. There are all kinds of injuries in wrestling and you never want to see someone put on the shelf in any way. What matters the most is...

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  • OUCH: Major WWE Name Out Of Action For Nine Months Following Horrible Knee Injury

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  • Recovery Time: More On Charlotte’s WWE Status Following Injury On SmackDown

    It might be a bit. There are all kinds of ways a wrestler could be injured and put on the shelf for a good while. That can mean some serious...

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  • Bad Sign: Charlotte To Miss Ring Time Following Recent Injury

    That’s a bad sign. Injuries can be among the worst things to happen to any wrestler and you never want to see one take place. Any wrestler can be put...

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  • Double Shot: Charlotte Possibly Injured During SmackDown Match

    Uh oh. There are all kinds of injuries in wrestling as it is a very physical sport. There is no way of knowing when someone is going to be hurt...

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