After weeks and weeks of speculation regarding his future in pro wrestling, Kenny Omega finally made an announcement that should put all the rumors to rest.

Has Omega signed with WWE or New Japan Pro Wrestling? The answer, it turns out, is neither.

In an interview with Wrestling Observer Radio, Omega confirmed his future plans. He hasn’t yet come to terms with New Japan on a contract, but he’s returning to Japan in February to renegotiate. Nothing is certain until the contract is signed, but he says the deal is looking positive, and in all likelihood, he will be with NJPW for at least another year.

Why time the announcement for right now, mere days before the Rumble?

“I don’t want people to have this sort of false hope of me showing up in the Royal Rumble,” Omega said, “and then not being there, and being disappointed, when there’s a fantastic match happening with fantastic competitors in it.”

Omega feels he can make a greater impact in New Japan than in WWE, and following his Wrestle Kingdom loss says there is unfinished business there.

NJPW has been attempting to lock up their competitors in mutli-year contracts ever since WWE signed top stars like AJ Styles, Shinsuke Nakamura, Luke Gallows, and Karl Anderson all at once. With that in mind, Omega’s suggestion of only signing for one more year is an interesting one.

But that’s the final word, folks. John Cena will be very disappointed.

Are you disappointed we won’t see Omega this Sunday? Let us know in the comments, or on Facebook!


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