If it seems like there have been a lot of WrestleMania leaks today, don’t worry–you’re not crazy. The latest involves a change in plans for the Undertaker, and what that might entail.

The earlier rundown of the WrestleMania card already revealed that the previously rumored John Cena vs. Undertaker match wasn’t taking place. Instead, current plans have Roman Reigns as the Deadman’s opponent.

As Dave Meltzer notes in this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the shift is significant. Vince McMahon specifically decided to forgo the long-awaited Cena vs. Taker match to pencil in Roman Reigns. That means, for better or worse, Roman will likely be the most heavily booed superstar on the show.

Could that mean a Reigns heel turn? It certainly opens the possibility. WWE’s obvious path would be to have Roman defeat Undertaker and have Taker endorse his opponent, but that failed with Daniel Bryan two years ago, and the Rock’s endorsement didn’t work either. Meltzer suggests, and we have to agree, that Undertaker losing would only get more heat on Roman.

But WWE remains reticent to turn Roman. He’s frequently cheered at house shows, and the feeling is that it’s a vocal minority at TV and pay-per-view broadcasts that make up the majority of the boos. Cena has made them comfortable with boos for top babyfaces.

The difference here is that with Finn Balor set to return by WrestleMania–perhaps even at the Royal Rumble–they could have a new top face to take that spot if Roman turns. There’s also the possibility of Jericho or Owens turning face following their planned WrestleMania match.

Do you want to see Roman and Undertaker go head-to-head? Do you think Roman should turn heel as part of their feud? Let us know in the comments, or on Facebook!


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