WrestleMania’s just a few months away, and with the Royal Rumble here to set us off on the proverbial road to it, it’s no surprise that more and more info about WWE’s marquee event is starting to leak out.

One of those tidbits? Neither Kevin Owens nor AJ Styles are expected to hold the championships at WrestleMania. That’s according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

Obviously both stars are defending their titles at the Royal Rumble, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ll lose their championships there. SmackDown’s Elimination Chamber match will see the WWE Championship defended against five other men, which opens up the possibility of the title going to anyone in SmackDown’s main event scene.

Raw has another pay-per-view as well, with Fastlane, and a Universal Championship match is expected there, as well.

Kevin Owens won the vacant Universal Championship on Raw after interference from Triple H, and as of the Royal Rumble he’ll have held it for 152 days. Yes, he is the longest-reigning champ in the title’s history, but you know the reason why. Current plans for WrestleMania have him facing Chris Jericho.

AJ Styles won the WWE Championship in September, defeating Dean Ambrose for the title. His reign will be approaching 140 days by the Rumble.

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