New reports have provided an update on who Kevin Owens may face at WWE “SummerSlam” on Aug. 23. We previously noted that Owens will no longer be directly involved in the United States Championship picture with John Cena, following his second straight loss to the Champ at WWE “Battleground” on July 19.

In the latest edition of “Wrestling Observer Radio,” Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez discuss Owens’s status on the WWE main roster following his loss to Cena at “Battleground.” They claim that some of Vince McMahon’s right-hand men do not like Owens, and are pulling for him to fail on the main roster. However, Triple H and other officials believe that Owens will be a massive star in WWE, and want to use him in such a way.

With Owens now stepping away from his first WWE program with Cena, he is confirmed to be facing NXT Champion Finn Bálor for the NXT strap at “NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn,” on Aug. 22, but he is not expected to appear on many “NXT” episodes following that event. Owens is slated to then make his full transition into a main roster star after “SummerSlam” weekend.

Although he is competing for the NXT Championship on Aug. 22, he is not expected to re-capture the title. He is expected to have a match at “SummerSlam” the following night, and his opponent will likely be the “Swiss Superman,” Cesaro.

During the latest set of “Smackdown” tapings on July 21, Owens and Cesaro began setting up a program between each other that may take them to a bout at “SummerSlam.” The seeds for such a feud were planted during Owens’ quest for Cena’s US title, and during the July 23 edition of “Smackdown,” Owens will water those seeds in hopes of producing something tangible.

Owens and Cesaro will close the July 23 of “Smackdown,” likely leading to a program that will build over the next four weeks, culminating in a bout against one another in Brooklyn, New York on Aug. 23 at “SummerSlam.” While some have argued that Rusev could be added to that match, as he’s expected to continue working with both Cesaro and Owens over the next couple of weeks, Rusev is heavily rumored to be facing a returning Dolph Ziggler on Aug. 23.

Editor’s Note:

Owens vs. Cesaro?!? In front of that New York crowd?!? Consider the house already torn down.


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