Professional wrestlers taking apron bumps on the independent scene seems to be the norm. Whether it’s suplexes, throws, or slams, performers aren’t afraid to use the hardest part of the ring to help tell their story.

World Wrestling Entertainment wants to get in on the fun, encouraging superstars to use the apron more often, reports the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

This new trend really took off at WWE “Battleground” this past Sunday, with several spots throughout the course of the show utilizing the apron, with one of the more noticeable ones being Big E’s splash during the Tag Team Championship match between the Prime Time Players and New Day.

Dave Meltzer acknowledged on Wrestling Observer Radio that this “movement” is “directly related” to Ring of Honor, who WWE seems to enjoy messing with all of a sudden.

An example of this would be WWE bringing over Japanese legend Jushin “Thunder” Liger to perform at the next “NXT: Takeover” event in Brooklyn, the same weekend where ROH will be holding an event of there own with top New Japan Pro Wrestling talent.

Editor’s Note

Apron bumps are obviously dangerous, yet they add a unique element to matches considering the lack of space and the hard-hitting thuds superstars make when landing. I’m all for this, as long as they’re done safely.


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