In a recent interview with Digital Spy, Seth Rollins says he wants to headline “Hell In A Cell” and discusses if CM Punk will ever return to WWE.

While there has been much discussion as to which match will close out the Pay-Per-View on Oct. 26, Rollins has much to say on why his match with Dean Ambrose should close out the night, not John Cena vs. Randy Orton. He claims that it’s important they go on last, saying,

“Yeah, it is. I’d be lying to you if I didn’t say that it was. We won’t know the answer to that question till Sunday comes. Of course it’s important. I want to go on last every single night, regardless of the match, regardless of the show.

But you throw in the added element that we’re going up against a Cena-Orton match, which has been headlining pay-per-views for the last decade, that’s something huge. That’s a big thing to be able to go on after that match and exceed all the expectations.

That’s important. I want that challenge, I want that responsibility and I wanna go on last and I wanna be known as the guy who goes on last every single night. That’s important to me.”

Rollins claims that he and Paul Heyman had an interesting discussion following Rollins’ actions at “Night Of Champions,” where he attacked Cena and Brock Lesnar, trying to cash in his Money in the Bank opportunity on the champion. He was asked if he would ever become a “Brock Lesnar guy” and said,

“You never know. Paul’s a very intelligent guy, a good guy to have on your side, clearly. He’s representing, advocating for the current WWE World Heavyweight Champion and I’d never rule it out.

I’d be lying if I’d tell you right now that I’ve never taken a piece of advice from Paul Heyman, cause I surely have. And there’ll probably be more pieces of advice in the future that I’ll take from him. Paul’s a guy who’s always helped me out, always been on my side.”

Following his discussion about Heyman and “Heyman guys,” Rollins chimed in on whether or not he think CM Punk will ever return to WWE, saying,

“Before WrestleMania 31 highly, highly unlikely. Down the road? Part of me was 100% sure he’d be back at some point but the longer he’s away, the more it makes me wonder that maybe he’s gone. He spent a good portion of his life dedicated to this business, it’s good for him to maybe get away.

He’s done all there really is to do. So I hope that he’s happy and I hope that he’s doing well for himself and enjoying his life away from wrestling. You know, that’s what we all work for is to be able to retire early and enjoy our lives, so I hope that’s the case for him.”

You can check out the entire interview here.

Editor’s Note:
Rollins blurs the lines between reality and kayfabe all the time. He’s becoming an expert.


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