In a recent interview with Chuck Carroll of “Turnbuckle Weekly,” WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee discusses why she will never join the “Total Divas” cast, her in-ring chemistry with “Frenemy” Paige, and more.

Lee was very quick to say that she does not want to join the cast of the reality show for privacy purposes, saying,

“It’s been well documented for the second season they tried to get me on board. I’m not interested in being famous. I’m interested in doing my job and doing it well and that’s wrestling and that’s what I love. I could do it, but I wouldn’t do it.

I’m just happy being who I am on TV two days a week and on live events and then going into my private life, and into my little hole in the middle of nowhere and having no one talk to me about my private life.”

She did however claim to be happy for Paige’s success, including “Total Divas” adding her to the cast. Lee talks a lot about her friendship and ring chemistry with Paige, saying that,

“We needed something to give the division a kick in the butt and Paige is perfect for that.”

Lee claims she had no idea that she would be regaining the Divas Championship upon her return to the ring this Summer, and that she’s nervous to be facing Paige for the strap at “Hell In A Cell” on Oct. 26,

“I certainly didn’t know (I would be winning the title again). That was a pleasant surprise. That’s the thing, every time I’ve put the title on the line against Paige she’s won it. So, I’m slightly nervous going into Sunday.”

Lee also briefly touches on the “Hot Lesbian Action” that she and Paige have teased with one another on WWE programming. While no one believes the two will ever kiss on camera with the rating of the shows being what it is, Lee offers up some insight as to why they are teasing it,

“Well, we are a PG program. But I think that’s the fun part. The thing is everyone said my character is unpredictable and you didn’t know where it was going. And then to have somebody that does the same thing, that’s also kind of kooky and crazy and you didn’t know what we were going to do for a while.”

You can listen to the entire interview here.

Editor’s Note:
Yeah…I figured Lee wouldn’t want WWE camera’s around CM Punk again…WWE probably doesn’t want that either.


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