In an exclusive video interview with, a female fan says Seth Rollins was asking for nude photos from her for almost a year. Lindsey, who is from Canada, claims that she and Rollins interacted in a sexually-toned relationship on Instagram and SnapChat from late 2013, until almost the end of 2014.

Lindsey, who asked that her last name remain anonymous, is a Canadian wrestling fan who reached out to Rollins by sending him a picture as an Instagram DM near the end of 2013. Rollins then messaged her back, and began “daring” her to send more. The two then began interacting multiple times a week throughout the following calendar year.

In the images below, which have been censored for PG viewing, some of the interactions between the two can be seen. You can also view our conversation with Lindsey in the window at the bottom of the screen, where she goes into detail about their relationship, when it ended, and what she thinks of the latest Rollins scandal involving nude photos being released through social media, which was reportedly done by his fiancée in an effort to embarrass him after discovering nude photographs and messages exchanged between Rollins and a NXT diva sometime over the weekend.

Seth Rollins Lindsey convo one

Seth Rollins Lindsey convo two


Editor’s Note:
Lindsey was a lovely girl and a gem to talk with, and this just goes to show, you never know what’s really going on behind-the-scenes.


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