SmackDown: Rey Mysterio returns to SmackDown

 It had been previously reported that WWE and Rey Mysterio were in negotiations for him to make his return to the company.

However, according to a report from Sports Illustrated, those talks have ceased and Mysterio will not be returning anytime soon. The reason is that Vince McMahon is not interested in working with Konnan, who represents Mysterio.

From the report:

The rift between Konnan and McMahon dates back decades to when WWE invested thousands of dollars into the Max Moon character for Konnan, before he ultimately made the decision to continue main-eventing in Mexico. Konnan was recently welcomed backstage at a WWE event by Chris Jericho, but his appearance did not help mend any of the issues that exist between himself and the WWE office.

It is expected that Mysterio will now sign with GFW, despite the fact that he will want to retain control of third-party bookings and to dictate his own schedule.

Editor’s Note:

Thank goodness. While I am a fan of “Mr. 619,” I’ve said before that him returning to the company doesn’t make sense. He doesn’t bring anything unique to the table, as there are better performers with his skill set that are currently employed by WWE. Plus, his name isn’t enough of a draw to pay him what he will want to make.

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