It was previously reported that Marcus “Buff” Bagwell filed a lawsuit against WWE, claiming that he is owed royalties for his matches that are appearing on the WWE Network.

According to a new report from F4WOnline, the lawsuit was officially dropped yesterday, following an agreement between the lawyers for both sides.

You can see a clip of Bagwell’s only match in WWE below:

Booker T vs. Buff Bagwell - WCW Championship Match: Raw, July 2, 2001

Scott Levy, who was known as Raven, filed a similar suit against WWE. However, the company had filed a lawsuit against Raven, claiming that he had made false statements about a prior lawsuit, where Levy and several other former wrestlers had sued to attempt to get employee status for wrestlers claiming they were not independent contractors.

The suit was thrown out due to the statute of limitations from when the deals were in place, to when the lawsuit was filed having expired.

The agreement was made between lawyers that both lawsuits were to be dropped. However, WWE retained the rights to refile the lawsuit against Levy if he were to ever sue WWE again on any contractual matters.

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