It had been previously reported that WWE is having to make a number of changes to this year’s WrestleMania, due to the ongoing threat of the Coronavirus that is sweeping the world. The biggest one of these is that the show will now be taking place at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, as opposed to Raymond James Stadium in Tampa.

This week’s issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter has brought a couple of new potential issues to this year’s show. One of these involves Brock Lesnar. Due to the new travel bans put into place, including a restriction on travel from the United States and Canada, The Beast may not be allowed to enter the country, as he lives in Saskatchewan, Canada.

There has also been discussion to tape WrestleMania at the Performance Center and air it on April 4 and 5 as the company advertised.

Check out a recent promo from one of the marquee matches:

Editor’s Opinion:

I hadn’t thought about these potential issues, but they make sense. I would imagine that Brock Lesnar will be able to enter the country, as I’m sure WWE could make a very strong case to have him be in Orlando. I guess you could also theoretically tape WrestleMania and no one would know the difference, but that would just be one of the most bizarre things I’d ever seen in my life.

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