Welcome to the early morning madness edition of the #PipeBomb! We are joined by the hilarious Rob from @RRR_Podcast and answer all of YOUR #3Count questions on a variety of topics! Plus, give our Roadblock “Go Home” predictions, and of course, things get real in our main event when we break down Sasha vs. Charlotte. Plus the creation of a new segment and why you will “member” we have a new T-Shirt coming out. Follow us: host @McCoolNAI & co-host @NotoriousJoshie, Special Guest @itsBRob

The Pipebomb w/ McCool & Co- Ep. 17: Clash of Champions

“The Pipebomb with McCool and Company” is on the NAI Network! Matt McCool from Wrestling Rumors hosts, and is joined by Wrestling Warm-Up’s Josh Lopez. The Pipebomb will feature many of the same rotating hosts, and is a similar, edgy, fun and intelligent show covering the world of wrestling each and every week, posted Fridays on the NAI Network. Follow The Pipebomb with McCool and Company of Twitter!

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