FULL-LENGTH MATCH - SmackDown - The Holly's vs. Mankind & Al Snow - World Tag Team Title Match

Former WWE and GFW superstar Al Snow was recently interviewed by Real Sport, to help promote his new wrestling apparel line, COLLARxELBOW. This was a lengthy discussion, and he covered a wide variety of topics, including his time with WWE, GFW and his thoughts on the current pro wrestling scene.

Below are some questions along with Snow’s answers:

RS: What was the spark that led you to create a wrestling apparel brand?

AS: Quite honestly, I just wanted to have something myself that I thought was cool to wear. If I can wear it out and in public and if I wasn’t necessarily going to a wrestling event, let’s say I’m just going out to dinner, I could have something that I thought was cool and meant something to me but didn’t scream “hey look at me I’m a wrestling fan.” It’s something that wrestlers and wrestling fans can share amongst themselves. 

RS: When making Tough Enough, were there any major disagreements or clashes between the trainers and the television show crew on how to handle things? 

AS: Nothing really major, but I’d say the one thing was John Hennigan (John Morrison/Johnny Mundo) had tried out for Tough Enough [Season] 2 and was turned down because of the fear that he was just there to be on TV and not really wanting to be a wrestler. And I remember kind of going to bat for John at that time. And then Tough Enough [Season] 3, John had went to a wrestling school on his own and then came back again for Tough Enough [Season] 3. He tried out again, and I had to have a meeting with at that time I think with the vice president or president of MTV. We sat down with producers, and I had to basically go to bat for John to get him on Tough Enough [Season] 3. 

RS: Who is the most underrated wrestler in WWE today? 

AS: Not one of them, and here’s why I say that. Because you have to understand, underrated means they’re not given an opportunity. Every time they’re put on TV, too many wrestling fans, and I understand because they don’t understand, but wrestlers are a product. Okay, they are peanut butter. They’re a car. They’re a hair dryer. They’re a toaster. In order to sell these products, you have to have a commercial, correct? So, you’ve gotta buy television time because you want to advertise your product. You want to build your brand. 

Thirty seconds of television time in WWE, I don’t know now what it is, but I know at one time it was $50,000 for thirty seconds. I know that in TNA it’s still $50,000 for thirty seconds of television time. So, I give you six minutes of television time. I’ve just invested $600,000 just in television time. Now whether you win or lose, how did I not value you and appreciate you by giving you that six minutes of television time and underutilized you? 

You’re on TV. There’s no way that I can undervalue you or underutilize you. There’s no way, because I just invested $600,000 of my television time for you to perform whatever business I needed performed. Whether you win or lose doesn’t matter. What matters is that I’ve now risked that amount of money. I’m not gonna just risk it in anybody, so you’re not underutilized. 

Snow also talks about his time in GFW, the evolution of Women’s Wrestling and much more.

What do you think of Al Snow’s comments?


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