That could mean something. MVP was one of the fastest rising stars in WWE for a long time before cooling off significantly and ultimately leaving the company. Since then he’s wrestled around the world, primarily in TNA and New Japan. This has made him one of the bigger names on the list of potential WWE returns, which MVP recently commented on.

In a new interview with WSVN-TV, MVP talked about his time in WWE, which seemed to have been a positive time for him. MVP seemed to have no issues with the company and Vince McMahon said something very interesting to him on the way out. Here are MVP’s comments on WWE and a potential return:

“I don’t have any disparaging words about WWE. As an ex-convict, when society wouldn’t give me a minimum wage job, Vince McMahon gave me an opportunity to become a household name. And I made more money than both of my parents combined in their lifetimes. I can do what I do now because of the opportunity that Vince gave me and then when I wanted to leave, he said ‘cool. come back when you’re ready.’

“I have nothing but respect for Vince and WWE but it’s kind of like that really hot girlfriend that you used to date and everyone was into. When she’s on your arm everybody is like ‘woah! He’s with her!’ but she farts in her sleep too. She has her flaws. Everybody else doesn’t know that and when you go your separate ways there is no animosity, no hard feelings. It was a good time, we had our thing but we’ve moved on.”

Here is the full interview:

I never was the biggest MVP fan but it’s nice to see someone leave the company and not have anything bad to say about them. MVP had some success in WWE and then left without any real issues. There was no drama or big podcast or anything like that and there didn’t need to be. It’s nice for a change and shows some maturity.

Were you an MVP fan? Would you like to see him wrestle in WWE again? Let us know in the comments below.


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