There are certain moves that are associated with the legacy of certain wrestlers. While Sting popularized the Scorpion Deathlock in the NWA/WCW, Bret Hart made the move famous in the WWE, calling it the Sharpshooter.

While there have been plenty of other people in the WWE over the year who have executed the move, it is ultimately done to pay homage to the self-proclaimed “Best there is, best there was, and best there ever will be.”

Although names like Natalya have made Bret Hart proud by carrying the tradition of the Sharpshooter, other have failed to uphold the expectations of the move.

Recently, independent wrestler Big B was competing in a match, and tried to perform the Sharpshooter to his opponent. Unfortunately, it did not go nearly as expected.

Captioned “The struggle is real,” Big B knew that it only took a few seconds to realize that his attempt in performing the Sharpshooter was nowhere near “excellently executed.” Eventually, realizing that there was no turning back, he switched the move over to a cross-legged modified crossface, while clubbing the back of his opponent.

Big B then changed the move over to a modified surfboard, hoping to completely rid himself from being known of severely botching such a legendary move. Hopefully, the indy wrestler will see this video and realize that there has to be proper calculation and practice in order to make the Sharpshooter look good like Bret did in his day.

For Big B, the Sharpshooter may not ever be in his repertoire again. Or, perhaps this can be the beginning of perfecting the move and executing the move very well. However, based in this video, it is clear that he has a very long way to go if he wants to do this move again.

Let’s hope that Bret Hart does not see this video. He certainly would not give the execution of this move a “4/10.” It would be much worse.

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