There is a good reason for that. Last week saw one of the biggest fiascoes in recent memory for WWE. Their Crown Jewel event was mostly well received but after the show was over, there was a big mess of trying to get the wrestlers back home. The situation is still not entirely clear but the wrestlers do not seem to have been happy with the way things went down. Above all else, there was a major issue with Vince McMahon, the owner of the company and possibly the reason for the whole mess, leaving before the problems started. It turns out that wasn’t too strange.

Last week, McMahon left Saudi Arabia on a different plane than most of the talent, who were then stranded there after a situation that still is not entirely clear. WWE’s official story is that there were mechanical issues though rumors have circulated that there was something else going on to cause the problem. Either way, the majority of the roster was stuck in Saudi Arabia while a handful of talent was allowed to leave. This did not sit well with the rest of the roster, though McMahon’s early departure has an explanation.

Corey Graves addressed the situation on the latest episode of After The Bell. Graves offered an explanation for why McMahon left Saudi Arabia so soon while the talent was still there, saying that this is what McMahon does in every city. McMahon leaves after the main event of every show is over and either goes home or heads on to the next city where WWE is running that week. Since the show, stories have been going around about McMahon delaying the feed to Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia in retaliation for the country’s government not paying WWE for the events.

With all of the headaches out of the way, Crown Jewel was a pretty solid show. Check out some highlights:

Opinion: While this makes sense and is perfectly logical, it is a little hard to accept something that WWE gives as an explanation on their official podcast. Maybe this is the only reason that McMahon had for leaving but that isn’t going to stop the discussion from going on. It was such a big story and there are a lot of layers to the whole thing and that is going to keep it in the news for the time being. I’m not sure what is going on here but maybe it isn’t as complicated as it seems to be.

What do you think happened in the whole situation? Should McMahon have stayed? Let us know in the comments below.

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