Tonight, the Columbus Day edition of WWE “Raw” will help pave the way towards the “Hell in a Cell” Pay-Per View on October 25 from the Staples Center. With the match card already set, now comes the hard part of making the audience care about the card, which is stacked with rematches.

With anticipation building around the match between Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker, the mayor of suplex city gave a belly to belly suplex to The Big Show just last week and followed it up with an F-5. The most exciting question tonight is: What crazy, maniacal measures will The Beast Incarnate use to get to The Dead Man?

Readers will likely crucify me for this one, but I’m interested to see how Rusev’s rejection of Summer Rae’s proposal play on this week. Now give me a minute here…  With news spreading like wild fire about Rusev’s off-camera engagement to Lana, it’s curious to see how this storyline plays out. Maybe, Lana comes out wearing the engagement ring?  Nevertheless, it’s always enjoyable to see how the WWE attempts to balance this “Reality Era” as Triple H once called it.

Then of course, the WWE must build a match that very few give any legitimacy–the WWE Heavyweight Title match between Seth Rollins in Kane. As we know from last weeks “Raw,” Stephanie McMahon added the stipulation that if Kane loses, he loses his corporate authority. Unless anyone out there thinks Kane will defeat Rolling at HIAC, we’ll likely see him in a suit for the last time tonight.

Of course, “Raw” needs to build the excitement for the Tag Team and Intercontinental Championship matches. For years, the WWE failed to build up these mid-card title bouts, and as a result, failed to create truly robust PPVs.

With The Dudley Boys back in the picture, and some heath building for New Day, the WWE has a great opportunity to revive that division. The same goes for Kevin Owens vs. Ryback.

Owens has built a credible anti-hero fan base. My money says that most fans want to see Owens snatch the title from Ryback, because quite frankly, Ryback has yet to build a character that seems real.

Not to leave the Divas Revolution for last, like the WWE typically does, but quite frankly the new infusion of female wrestlers have made this a truly competitive division. With Charlotte as champion, fans have witnessed the passing of the torch. The match Sunday will determine if that torch is owned or borrowed.

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