Over the weekend, John Cena, who is currently not a regular character on WWE television due to his non-WWE commitments, tweeted that, this week, he’ll be doing a project in Atlanta, Georgia, which is the site of this week’s SmackDown Live.

On Sunday’s Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer weighed in on whether or not we’ll see Cena on Tuesday night.

I mean, I haven’t heard that [John Cena] is gonna be [at SmackDown]. I suppose he could be. He’s supposed to be back in like a month. Usually he likes to do like, straight stuff in the sense of he’s either in, or he’s not in. So it’s not like drop in, then be gone for a month. But, I mean, it’s possible. But, if he was gonna be there, they really should advertise it.”

Cena is a proven ratings draw, so having him come back as a surprise might not do much for the blue brand’s falling ratings. However, if WWE advertises his return during tonight’s Raw, then he should give SmackDown a much-needed boost.

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